Hey Will

I hope you’re all good… This is a random email!

I was browsing the Resident Advisor website and reading about Joy Orbison’s new mixtape, when I read that his sometime DJ partner is a Mr Will Bankhead, and I immediately had a flashback to 1990 (or was 1991?) and the Snowboard UK snow train trip to Tignes. I was 18/19, and shared an apartment with yourself and the other lads from Slam City Skates. Some Googling later, and here I am.

I still have the mixtape you kindly gave me, photo attached. I played it to death on my Walkman. Thanks to you and your enthusiasm and knowledge, you introduced to not just one or two artists, but the whole genre of IDM (I know, I know, but it’s an easy label). When I got back from the trip, I bought the Warp Artificial Intelligence series on your recommendation (still listen to Vol. 2 now) and was hooked on Aphex Twin, Speedy J, Black Dog, Autechre, etc, etc. I’ve loved electronica and techno ever since, and must thank you so much for preaching the gospel! Electronic music has led me to festivals and clubs around the world, making friends and having amazing experiences. I’m so stoked to read you are working in music, collecting, DJing, and have your own label promoting new music.

I have very fond memories of that week in Tignes, particularly how welcoming you and the SCS crew were to this little kid in a check lumberjack jacket who rocked up on his own. Plus you took a great photo of me getting some air off a windlip- it’s still up in my parent’s downstairs toilet… Happy days!

Anyway, that’s all really- just wanted to share.

Keep on trucking!