Very grateful when shops make an effort to describe releases.

All Night Flight have an amazing selection, too.

“The Trilogy Tapes dives into Tokyo’s overlooked underbelly with this debut EP from DJ Trystero. Whole thing advances that worn-out, smudged, lo-fidelity palette to new territory, steeped in the sorta hazed / grainy atmospheres that underpin Porter Ricks’ Biokinetics LP, yet with rhythmic structures that put it one step removed from the ‘club’ and give it all together more OUT feel. Like the drifting opener – synth patterns falling over each whilst fucking around with the low pass filter conjuring the image of a spacewalk that could go wrong at any minute, or the equally isolated beat-less piece that follows. The A3 is about as upbeat as it gets, a bouncy club cut that fits within the legacy of the imprint, whilst in and amongst there’s gauzy skits that recall some of Huerco’s overlapped abstractions and a deadpan Japanese tannoy announcement. Although it’s B1 that stands out – an intoxicated, post socially-distant bordering outright reclusive and altogether LONELY blend of slo-mo drum patterns and searching melodies, whereas B3 strips it all back to something more contained whilst keeping within the same aesthetic that manages to compost the likes of NWAQ, Chain Reaction, snd, West Mineral and remould it into something genuinely original.
High calibre 12″ even by this label’s standards.”