Ditch parties!
Covco DJing at Ormside Projects, Hinge Finger / Levels party
Kerr’s Instagram
Klaus ‎– Cry Tuff / Gus / Bela (Tanum)
Jon K RA mix
Brassfoot’s Instagram stories / food reviews 😂
All the Mother mixes / tapes
Punctum ‎– Remote Sensing (Σ)
Caterina Barbieri ‎– Patterns Of Consciousness (Important)
MGUN LP on DBA (is it out yet???)
12th Isle
Calypso Rose – Leave Me Alone (feat. Manu Chao)
Lukid ‎– Twisted Blood (Glum)
Ishawna – Equal Rights
Sial ‎– Sial (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Anthony Naples ‎– Love No Border (City-2 St. Giga)
Beau Wanzer – Mixtape (LIES / Cav Empt)
DJ Biscuit ‎– Pachamama (Good Morning Tapes)
400PPM — Fit for Purpose (Avian)
Various Artists — Sounds of Sisso (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
Charles Manier — Luxus Steroid Abamita (Bopside Records)
LAPS ‎– Who Me? (MIC)
Jana Rush – Pariah (Objects Limited)
Σ ‎– Schleifen (Σ) 2016 but fuck it
Tribe Of Colin ‎– Wide Berth
Anouar Brahem ‎– Blue Maqams (ECM)
Carval, Tarek ‎– Nation De La Boue (Editions Gravats)
Beau Wanzer ‎– Untitled LP (Beau Wanzer)
Equiknoxx ‎– Colón Man (DDS)
Andras ‎– Sanity (Punp)
Lankum ‎– Between The Earth And Sky (Rough Trade)
Usiende Ukalale – Don’t Sleep (Mississippi)
Blawan ‎– Nutrition (Ternesc)
Flørist Presents V. Rosso ‎– Windows On The World E.P. (World Building)
Powder – H (CockTail d’Amore Music)
Aidonia – Banga – (4Th Genna Music)
Objekt — Objekt #4 (Objekt)
Pretty Sneaky ‎– 1 (Pretty Sneaky)
Second Woman ‎– S/W (Spectrum Spools)
Baba Stiltz ‎– Is Everything (Studio Barnhus)
Buttechno ‎– City-2 (City-2 St. Giga)
Dawit & Dolo ‎– Rise / Wise (Future Times)
Burnt Friedman ‎– Dead Saints Chronicles (Marionette)
RDX – Shake Your Bam Bam (Apt 19 Music)
Winsome ‎– Untitled #2 (Sugar Records)
Various ‎– B06 (Brew)
Limp Wrist ‎– Facades (Lengua Armada Discos / La Vida Es Un Mus)
HSBC ‎– Die Blaue Stunde (ABCDLP)
DJ Osom ‎– DJ Osom (Exotic Dance Records)
Shenseea – Loodi (feat. Vybz Kartel)
Zuli ‎– Numbers (UIQ)
Andras ‎– Corn / Dust (Punp)
DJ Python ‎– Dulce Compañia (Incienso)
Mattes Schwarz ‎– I Don’t Know (Magazine)
Ruutu Poiss ‎– Ruutu Poiss EP (International Major Label)
John T. Gast ‎– wygdn (Blackest Ever Black)
DJ Qu ‎– No Poetry (Strength Music)
Threshold ‎– Style Cyarrn Spwoil (Fresh 86)
Kassem Mosse ‎– Chilazon Gaiden (Ominira)
Aidonia – Yeah Yeah (Emudio Records)
Konrad Sprenger ‎– Stack Music (Pan)
Aaron Dilloway ‎– Switches (Cejero)
Terekke ‎– Plant Age (LIES)
Barnt ‎– If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer (Holger)
Tapes Vs Superstar ‎– Spirit World (Porridge Bullet / Pudru Kuul)
Anthony Naples ‎– Us Mix (Proibito)
Dresvn ‎– Acido 25 (Acido Records)
Various ‎– Sounds Of Sisso (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
Krikor Kouchian ‎– Pacific Alley (LIES)
Maths Balance Volumes ‎– Absence (Kye)
A Drummer From Detroit ‎– Drums #2 (Fit Sound)
Florian Kupfer ‎– Florian Kupfer (LIES)
CS ‎– Jhonn John Jonn (Good Morning Tapes)
Dreamcast ‎– Liquid Deep (PPU)
Samo DJ, Baba Stiltz ‎– Kling Party (Born Free)
DJ K30, DJ NinOo, Puto Anderson ‎– Firma do Txiga (Príncipe)
Giant Swan ‎– Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego (Timedance)
CS + Kreme – CS + Kreme (Total Stasis)
D. Tiffany ‎– Blue Dream (Pacific Rhythm)
Kruton ‎– I, Pathetikus (Sisters)
Gabi Losoncy ‎– HH (Kye)
Buttechno ‎– 1984 (RASSVET)
Steve Summers – Artificial Light (Clear)
Davy Kehoe ‎– Short Passing Game (Wah Wah Wino)
Heap ‎– The Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 5 (Berceuse Heroique)
uon – zlo (Motion Ward)
Femminielli Noir ‎– Echec & Mat (Mind)
Pedrodollar ‎– Born Free 27 (Born Free)
Porn Sword Tobacco ‎– 2017 (Acido Records)
Joe ‎– Tail Lift / MPH (Hessle Audio)
Terrence Dixon ‎– Like A Thief In The Night EP (Tresor)
Young Druid ‎– Young Druid (5 Gate Temple)
Icola ‎– Diableries (Versatile)
Terrence Dixon ‎– No More Time (Lower Parts)
Tzusing ‎– 東方不敗 (LIES)
Errorsmith ‎– Superlative Fatigue (Pan)
Kareem Kool ‎– 退化 (Arcane)
Parris ‎– Your Kiss Is Sour (Hemlock Recordings)
Lory D — Strange Days Vol.5 (Numbers)
Lee Gamble — Mnestic Pressure (Hyperdub)
James Ferraro ‎– Troll
Ramzi ‎– Pèze-Piton (12th Isle)
Various ‎– Guarapo! Forty Bangers From Barranquilla (Honest Jon’s)
Œil Cube ‎– Œil Cube (Versatile)
Phew ‎– Light Sleep (Mesh-Key)
Ocobaya ‎– Messix (1432 R)
Popcaan ‎– Bad Yuh Bad
SVN ‎– Mechine EP (SUED)
Thee J Johanz ‎– Declassified (Work For Love)
PLO Man ‎– TT Vol. 2 – PLO Man: Live @ CLUB DIGITAL (Acting Press)
Eric Copeland ‎– Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect (LIES)
Equiknoxx, Mark Ernestus ‎– Mark Ernestus Remixes (DDS)
Mabel – Finders Keepers (feat. Kojo Funds) (Polydor)
Bounty Killer – Duh Better Than This (Misik Muzik)