PP tape, now at Weirdo

Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Babymakers ~ In a Tijuana Jail
Trilogy Tapes ~ $6.00
cassette 2009 new

Me, Angela, the owner of Weirdo. Here’s a little recording project that a very princely fellow, Will Bankhead from Trilogy Tapes / Honest Jon’s, was kind enough to commission. Usual suspects JA, SJ, SN, DD & DG all helped out, & there are also a few surreptitious field recordings made at large empty rooms around town while nobody was looking. Instruments included all my favorites: rolls of tape, little ribbed plastic tubes that whinny like horses when you blow on ’em, South American children’s records, toy organs, etc. No whistling, for some reason. I must’ve forgotten it! Some of the backwards shrieking was processed at local studio Muddy Sounds, & the rest was taped on a broken cassette recorder. 25 mins or so.