Peoples Coke tape in the SHOP

“Peoples Coke, a Canadian master of music, has been periodically churning out mysterious music for more than two years now on labels such as Green Records and Tapes and Middle James Co. PC is the king of quality control, releasing 2 tapes MAX a year it seems like, but it’s worth it. You’ll see for yourself once you hear his brand new mastepiece GIN KITCHEN. A mix of harsh and soft, it’s by far the best Peoples Coke recording yet. From gutteral and piercing to soft and melodic, Gin Kitchen is what Peoples Coke should and will be known for in the future. Who knows how these sounds were made? Great clarity among the ear piercing. But ear piercing is not all Gin Kitchen has to offer. Take a break with a sleepy eyed early morning piano solo, sure to throw you off and really please you. Peoples Coke isn’t some generic noise hack, Peoples Coke is a true musician. Don’t beleive me? Let Gin Kitchen show you.”

Knox Mitchell (Green Records & Tapes)

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