New tape in the SHOP from one of Michigan’s finest.

John Olson describes it better than I ever could.

“So…its a real time world right? Well, have this real time moment: Its 8:17 PM pre Labor Day 09: IM gripping a Fosters (not my first choice but shit was on sale) and a strong cup of black coffee. In the blackground? My homebox DOG LADY. Everything is fine. Been jammin this Oblita / Maloratis tape all stinking week. Works for this mug, daily style. Quick jaunt to the PO? Afternoon lunch date at Aladdin’s? Stressed drive for the Transformer (and I aint talking about Optimus Prime) quiz at 11:10? Post workout easy drive home? All good here, player. Something about the tense, but tuneful tuneage within makes it good for all seasons/ moods in free time. Sometimes whilst side ones’ “Oblita” is jammin, the seasick unsteady sawing propels me deep into a rainy sea of horror-murk, bottomless and unknown. Like a outtake from the Perfect Storm, but Clooney’s a mad violin sea-bloke trying to have a killer solo gig for his freaked out crew, but the sea aint having nothing to do with. Gross! “Maloratis”? Well, let me just say that I sat next to a dude in a free clinic that was waiting to get treated for this, and this is DEF. the soundtrack. Ugggghhhh. Ever map quested horrible acne St. to unhealing leg cut lane? This is one of the pop up advertisements. Collino: WTF?
And being a card carrying member of FAN OF THE WEIRDEST TRACK boner brain club: the finale “Ubi Nihil Vales Ibi Nihil Veils” (which translates to : “go ahead and inject rotten yogurt into your spine Toby Vale, its okay”) is uh, my fave. Cause just like you, I came to District 9 with a tape recorder in my Ultra Excema sleeveless jean jacket JUST to record the Pawns speak. He’s Mike C’s mix of it. Pretty good…. poor aliens. Lest they made it back right? To where? Who cares. Just a movie…..when I was there in on Tuesday afternoon with all the creeps, there was, no shit an actual DOG LADY there. Chain and all, crawling around between the seats eating all the week old popcorn under the seats and sucking on an old brown sock. I kept feeling her nudge my legs while i was all District 9’in it.. Her face was painted like a cruel school pride project. Was to say the least, extremly un-nerving.”

Excerpts here and here