10 x CD Box-set reissue of Incapacitants 90s cassette tapes

CD 1: Stupid Is Stupid (Studio materials)
CD 2: Stupid Is Stupid (Live materials)
CD 3: Extreme Gospel Nights
CD 4: Ad Nauseam (Edition Mikawa)
CD 5: Ad Nauseam (Edition Kosakai)
CD 6: Ad Nauseam (Live)
CD 7: D.D.D.D.
CD 8: The Tongue
CD 9: Cosmic Incapacitants
CD 10: I, Residuum

Remastered from the original DAT master-tapes by Tommi Keranen
40 page booklet with extensive liner-notes by Fumio Kosakai, T.Mikawa, Otomo Yoshihide & Jim Sauter
Each disc packaged in an individual wallet with original artwork
Booklet and discs housed in a solid clam-box with silver foil print
Limited editon of 500 copies

“I love Incapacitants more than anything. My love for them is reaffirmed as I listen again to their many cassette releases. They’re simply cool. Too beautiful.” – Otomo Yoshihide

“In short, for me it’s the ultimate rock n roll.” – Fumio Kosakai

Copies have gone out to the following mailorders/shops:

USA: Hanson, Misanthropic Agenda, RRR, Revolver, Mimaroglu, Self Abuse, Archive
UK: Second Layer, Volcanic Tongue
Finland: Freak Animal, Anoema
Sweden: Segerhuva, Release The Bats
Germany: A-Musik, Tochnit Aleph
Norway: Looop, Tiger
Japan: Improvised Music From Japan, Molehill, PSF
France: Bimbo Tower, Metamkine

Release-party will be at Soap in Tokyo on January 24th.