Otto Willberg – Shadow Came Into The Eyes As Earth Turned On Its Axis
Dane Law & Chants – Anemoele
Dane Law – Stenhouse
Moin – Yep Yep
TLF Trio – Passacaglia
A.R. Wilson – Twinkle
Bennie Maupin & Adam Rudolph – Symphonic Tone Poem for Brother Yusef – Fourth Movement
Cio D’Or – Transparent Q III
Le Diable Degoutant – Boue Qui Roule
Patrick Gibson – Air
Ssabæ – Le Matin
Lewsberg – The Playground
Ernest Hood – Rain
Ana Roxanne – Take The Thorn, Leave The Rose
Egil Kalman –Yellowhammer Pt.2
Flaer – Forever Never
Minereed & Mårble – Yeirai
Alberto Lizarralde – Jokuak
Treasury Of Puppies – Skriv När Du Är Hemma
Les Monstres – Club De Danse De L’école
Laurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe
Perila – Scivia
Larry Wendt – Guided Missile Favorites – Desperate
Dem Hunger – Fried Horse