‘Siq city-spun sleaze and late-night rascality to soundtrack the bars and back alleys of the Yamanote district of Tokyo, twelve cuts rescued from ye olde tape archives of heavyweight earsplitter and explorer of culture / sound / excrement Juntaro Yamanouchi aka THE GEROGERIGEGEGE.

A fucking legend amongst many, with his Vis A Vis label demolishing all expectations and every threshold of the bizarre and radical with each release, for us to still be SHOCKED by the jovial, funk laden basslines and cozy keyboard sounds of the opening tracks on Uguisudani Apocalypse – well, we feel a FOOL. Serving as a sorta compilation / fictional soundtrack taken from all sorts of sessions, you’ll find boastful, post-bubblegum instrumental funk tracks swagger and stumble into a couple of minimalist, drum machine driven keyboard bits that call on a similar 80s sound palette to some of that Mamann Sanni gear (okay go a BIT less cosmic!). It all really kicks off for us when you get to track “6” and a sorta early, well-to-do Cure riff (a REALLY good one) gets mixed up with a raging gang of Cimex-style buzzsaw’ing! Whatever next!?

Anyway, feel like Tarantino is gonna call any minute now. Perhaps just allow “Uguisudani Apocalypse” to invite you to imagine a smoke-filled room with each one of these seedy jams representing one of the twelve mysterious characters perched on the bar stools…..

What ye having?!’

Low Company